LUG Spring FOSS Thing 2015


Rolling Ball

LUG Spring FOSS Thing 2015 is (the first of many) LUG Club Projects in which we decided on and complete a project in Spring Term.

Open Source

The project will be Open Sourced, this means does not mean it's code per-se, it can be an event, a robot, or a book as long as it's free to the world and open to outside contribution.

Community Focused

It should also be community focused in that it gives back to OSU, Corvallis, or the Open Source Software Community in some way. This can be creating an app for OSU, teaching a class open to Corvallis, or just putting an awesome piece of Open Source Software (that's super well documented) on GitHub.


Most important is that LUG does an awesome thing.

There are currently 3 ideas on the table:

  1. Create a collaboration API & apps.
  2. Host an instance of Habit RPG.
  3. LUG Fund Raiser


What do you think?

Make a List: