An adventure in finding meaning (and trolls) in your data.

About the 'Presenter'

His name is Elijah Caine

He works for the OSL

He's the President of a LUG

He also has a Mohawk

... And website (

These slides are avaliable at

What this talk is about

A project I did called HuRandom

( :: (

  1. Analyzing your data with python*
  2. Finding trolls**

* The easy part

** The fun part

More about the project

So it's like...

$ ls /dev/*rand*
/dev/random /dev/urandom /dev/hurandom

Get it?

I wanted to know how 'random' the Human Random number generator was.

Why do this talk?

To share with you the beauty of collective human endevor.

... and how to deal with those f*cking trolls.

Getting Started Activity Time!

Clone this repo:

Or wget this:


I think we found a troll...


But they didn't f*ck me too hard


The Conclusion

/dev/hurandom is terrible.


I know right? Crazy.

Totally unexpected, but that's okay.

That's all. Questions?